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Did you know that August was named after the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar? History lesson aside, Augustus' management prowess actually makes him a pretty good role model for service desks. Our three-part webinar series on implementing continuous service improvement in your help desk can show you how to go beyond firefighting and harness your inner Augustus. Twitter Icon

Applications Manager-ServiceDesk Plus Integration

Speaking of reigning in your IT empire, let's talk about the latest integration in ServiceDesk Plus. Applications Manager integrates with ServiceDesk Plus Twitter Icon to automatically create service desk tickets for alarms raised from faulty servers. This integration also allows technicians to view root cause analysis within each ticket to help speed up ticket resolution times.

Applications Manager-ServiceDesk Plus Integration

We've also put together a comprehensive beginners' guide to ITSM that's sure to help anyone who's in the field of IT service management.

We're striving to find new ways to help you more easily achieve GDPR compliance in your service desk. Twitter Icon As part of this effort, our team of experts have come up with an e-book titled " The GDPR and ITSM: Top eight aspects of ITSM most influenced by the GDPR." Go ahead and download it here.


For managed service providers: We have a second e-book that's also free to download. In this e-book, you'll find some great information on what metrics you should track to make your service desk analytics count. Twitter Icon

Last but not least, don't forget to sign up for our ServiceDesk Plus Masterclass if you haven't already. This series is tailored for those using the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus. Twitter Icon The next session is on September 12th, and we'll be discussing ServiceDesk Plus' enterprise service management functionality.

ServiceDesk Plus Masterclass

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