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There's plenty to celebrate this July. Not only is it the heart of summer, but we're also starting a whole bunch of new activities at ServiceDesk Plus.

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Before we jump into our events, I've got some exciting news for you. We've just released the new version of ServiceDesk Plus with the much-awaited Password Manager Pro integration and GDPR phase II features. Twitter Icon Although it's been a while since the GDPR was implemented, we're working on making GDPR compliance easier for you and your service desk. Check out what this new version has to offer.

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We just finished the ServiceDesk Masterclass Twitter Icon for the on-premises version and—based on the overwhelming responses we've received—we've decided to host one for the cloud version as well. That's right! Starting July 25th, our experts will be teaching you the nitty-gritty of making the most of your cloud-based service desk.

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And finally, the biggest IT holiday of the year is almost here. Hats off to all the sysadmins out there! ManageEngine is celebrating SysAdmin Day 2018 with some exciting games and prizes. Head over here and check it out.

SysAdmin Day 2018

Our team of experts has also come up with another comprehensive help desk guide which is absolutely free. Learn about the basics of an IT help desk as well as some unique tips and tricks, all explained in the simplest way possible. Twitter Icon

It's time to say ciao for now. Make sure to follow us on Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin Instagram Let's stay in touch.

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