November 2017

Hello again, IT folks!

It's your pen pal LeAnn, back to share what ServiceDesk Plus has been doing this November.

We're down to the 11th hour of 2017 (literally) and we can't wait to leap into the holidays. If you're anything like me, I'm sure you already have your box of holiday decorations out and ready to go at a moment's notice. But ignoring all the gingerbread cookies and eggnog for a sec, it's time to talk about what's new in ServiceDesk Plus. 

We at ServiceDesk Plus have made enterprise service management possible in your service desk. Yes, you heard us right! The cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus allows you to set up service desk instances in less that 60 seconds for all your IT and non-IT departments. Twitter Icon You no longer have to try to build bridges between your IT and non-IT services, because we've already done that for you with the ESM functionality in your favorite service desk.

While you're checking that out, here's another new tool that you may like. Zoho has introduced a flexible agile planning and tracking tool, Zoho Sprints, that'll help you stay on top of all stages of a project. You can create user stories in the Backlog, track your progress using the Scrum Board, get actionable insights with agile metrics, and collaborate with feeds and meetings. Twitter Icon Why don't I let you see for yourself how Zoho Sprints can help you focus on the big picture.

Oh wait! I've got more for you. You know what they say, change is good, and that applies to IT changes when you manage them with ServiceDesk Plus. Here's a real nice write up on how ServiceDesk Plus can help you take your IT changes up a notch. Twitter Icon And if you're more of a video person, why don't you check out this recorded webinar where Charles (our IT geek) takes you through the steps for effective IT change management using ServiceDesk Plus? Twitter Icon

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